Saturday, October 23, 2010

Why isn't is "spiderman"... why is it "spider-MAN"?

Who knew?

18 hours of classes + club officer + small groups + life = not updating a blog too often.

Actually, that is the least shocking thing I think i've come up with on this blog. 
And between the pictures of puppies and multiple stories of good and bad  meals i've had since the beginning of this thing, there have obviously been some daring tales.

Well, in the time since I last updated, not too much has happened really. At least nothing that's going to be good to write about. Why the blog update then, you must be wondering.

This is the first time i've gotten since that post to have the ability to do so. To celebrate that, I am updating despite having anything good to say. 

You're welcome, mom.

The majority of my weekdays are taken up by college. 
Experimental Psychology, Drugs and Psychopharmacology, Social Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Perspectives in World Music, and Astronomy... to be exact.

Tuesday's are basically all dedicated to Pi when i'm not in class.
Wednesdays and Sundays are church.
That leaves Saturday, which usually goes to Pi or laundry.

As I was writing this post, I stopped to work on homework and did that until I went to bed. Such is college.

Some of the exciting things that have happened, though - 
Saw MUSE - this is an awful picture, but I lost my camera cord.

Went through my last fall rush with Pi - here's our officers this year.
Kailee (VP), Me (Secretary) and Lauren (Pres) - the Pi roommates of 203.

Went to Arkansas and climbed a mountain.

Well, i'd love to show you a lot more pictures of the exciting things i've been up to, but I have lost the USB cord for my camera and I think i've taken 5 pictures since the summer ended anyway.

Hopefully i'll have another thing to update about soon!

- Steph

Saturday, August 14, 2010

This meteor shower is a sham.

Well my friends, the summer is over. I am sitting at my mom's house and I will not be returning to NRH in the foreseeable future. Right now, I could not be happier that I am home.

My first night back was spent hanging out with Ben (shocking, I know). I ate dinner at his house and we hung out there until his niece broke the recommended decibel level for humans to hear before she went to bed. Then we got ice cream and went to look for a place to watch the meteor shower in Harrah. The usual place we all used to go look at stars (I really like doing that - weird... perhaps) is now closed at night and the rest of Harrah is filled with womens correctional facilities and rednecks with shotguns. So, back to Ben's neighborhood we went. An hour later, still no shooting stars. Lots of mosquitos, though. The same thing happened last night when we went to the middle of nowhere Norman to see them. Tons of mosquitos, no shooting stars. Don't get me wrong, I still had fun, but all I wanted was a single meteor. I think i'm going to try it again by myself tonight. I am determined.

I also got to pretend to be a hipster at Big Truck Tacos with some friends. It was good! You should check it out... they even have a cows tongue taco. I'm serious. It was sold out. The only way I would try that would be to get tricked into it. Which I feel like Kailee might try to do.... I'm on the lookout.

Ben and I also went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World after the taco adventure. I'm really glad that this scenario doesn't always happen in real life. I would have some crazy people to deal with. It was a pretty good movie regardless. I might have enjoyed it a tad more were I a nerd, though. One of my favorite parts of this trip to the movies was the crowd. I love theaters full of nerds. The preview for the new M. Night Shaymalan movie came on, and at the sheer sight of his name. the nerds were laughing. The best quote was "the secret is... there IS NO ELEVATOR". Be it comic book nerds, Harry Potter nerds, or even the ridiculous Twilight nerds, I love it.

In summation, it's been really nice to be at home with my friends and family. I've gotten to see a lot of the people that I love, and soon i'll be at OC and the rest will show up. I'm ready to just move in to school. The whole learning, homework, 8:00 classes thing can wait though. By the way, your welcome for every link ever in this post. That's my replacement for no fun pictures.

- Steph

EDIT: My sister got a new puppy! I took a picture of it (she has no name, I can say it) and I can share that so this post is not boring.

It's a baby german shepherd! I call her Olga.
This is how she sleeps... which is all she does.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

You're gonna need a storage unit for your lock box.

This week was crazy.

Monday was one of the longest days i've had in a long time.

I was, at one point, sort of homeless at a Subway, with everything I own in the back of my car, which was leaking transmission fluid. I wasn't sure how bad the car thing was until I sent Ben a text about it, and immediately got a call about it while he was on a mission trip... never a good sign. But it was very nice of him to make sure I was ok even though he was busy.

Don't worry, the car is fine now. And I am no longer homeless.
I'm staying with Jason and Cori for the remainder of my time in NRH (roughly 5 days). It's definitely a change from a house with no kids to a house with 2. But I love these kids, so it's totally ok.
Sometimes i'll just start asking the 2 year old questions to see which answer she'll give me. Usually she is stuck on a string of "yesh" or just "no" over and over, so asking "is this chair blue" followed by "is this chair red" can often get confusing answers.

I have watched more Nick Jr. than I ever imagined possible. But I have seen the girl on tv who supposably looks like me... I don't see it.
Marina from the Fresh Beat Band. According to the website, her favorite colors are teal and purple. So maybe we could hang.

Marina on the show... she's the drummer (PS this picture of me was a joke)
She's apparently a country singer in real life? This picture of me was halloween, so that's why it's strange.

Well I got bored and that picture hunt killed some time. Judge me. One of the kids I lived with last summer (whom I would adopt if given the chance) thought I moved away from their house to be on tv when he saw this show. Weird.

Perhaps one day i'll be walking through the airport and hear whispers of those who have confused me with this superstar. Maybe kids will even ask me to drum!

I have totally drifted away from whatever I intended this post to be about.
We had the girls sleepover last night, and I maybe got 4 solid hours of snoozing in, so you'll have to forgive my scatteredness.

As the summer is coming to an end, i'm finding myself more and more ready to be at home. I miss everyone. I miss Oklahoma. And everyone being in Oklahoma. Very soon, though, that will not be a problem anymore! Woo!

Next week will probably go a little something like this:
Sunday - Church and hang out.
Monday - Office work then Ben will stop in on his way to Oklahoma for a visit to Ikea!
Tuesday - Office work followed by a Ranger game against the Yankees.
Wednesday - Office goodbye followed by preparation for then the end of summer party (me getting thrown in the pool while still in my clothes).
Thursday - Pack up and head out. Then Oklahoma!

It can't be much crazier than this week was, though. I hope...

- Steph